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breaking chains

February 1, 2012

The first time I saw Sevenly was on Pinterest.

It seems many good things come to me that way.

Usually these good things come in the shape of new recipes, different books and interesting photography, because Pinterest, let’s face it, can a pretty self-absorbed place. Rarely does something on Pinterest inspire a larger outlook in me. But when I saw a certain shirt that was advertised to help sex trafficking survivors, I had to click.

And then I wondered where I had been all these years that I hadn’t heard of Sevenly. Their mission is as simple as it is beautiful: seven days of a limited-edition design, seven dollars from each purchase going directly to the charity of the week.

That week’s charity was the Somaly Mam foundation, and organization that helps victims of sex-trafficking in Cambodia escape a life that is largely thought to be unescapable. As I watched the video they provided, I started crying, and I couldn’t stop. I’ve always been passionate about victims of the sex trade, but the SM foundation showed me a side of it worse than anything I’d ever seen or read. Girls as young as three trapped in a life that is all but forgotten by the Western world. Survivors describing a life that is so far removed from my comfortable existence that I’d like to convince myself it doesn’t exist.

By the time the video came to a close, I was determined to buy a shirt. I never buy clothes online, because it’s just so hard to find clothes that fit correctly. But I knew that whether or not I could actually wear the shirt, I would be helping, and that was all that mattered. If it fit, that was great. If it didn’t, it was $22 I didn’t really need, but someone else really did.

But when my package came, any thoughts of financial martyrdom flew out the window. The packaging was bright and smile-worthy, the enclosed “World Change is How I Roll” sticker took up instant residence on my mirror (tucked in its corner, not stuck on, thank you very much), and the shirt… well, the shirt was wonderful. It was beautifully designed, fit perfectly, with a worn, relaxed feel that made it an instant favorite. My one complaint is that the v-neck is pretty low by my standards, so I had to wear something under it. However, the shirt that is available this week is a scoop-neck, and hopefully that trend will continue.

It seems almost ridiculous to even bring that up, as the shirt and the mission are beyond reproach. Because at the end of the day, I did what the t-shirt said. I broke a chain, not a heart. I got my mind off of food, off of photography, off of Pinterest, off of myself.

I think that is $22 very well-spent.



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