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relaxation, in color

December 20, 2011

Having taken the last exam of the year this morning, I’m enjoying the first evening in a long time that didn’t involve studying into the wee hours. I don’t have to even think about school again until the 4th, and am enjoying my night of freedom immensely. 

I’ve been saving a set of historical photographs my mom sent me, wanting to give them my full attention (and, I’ll admit it, reward myself post-exam). I’m so glad I did, because they are even better than I had expected. Each one is a beautifully restored color photograph from 1939-1943. As a history lover, the detail is enough to send me into ecstasies. They are all so rich and beautiful, I’ve had a hard time picking out a favorite, but I think I’ve finally narrowed it down to one. I love everything about it–its character, its composition, its beautiful colors.

I think I might have to have this one on my wall.

But that can wait. For now, I have presents to wrap and Christmas music to listen to and a mother-daughter movie night to attend. And not a single, solitary lick of school for two weeks.

Life, in a word, is good. Especially in color.

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